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Valerie Solanas/Sara Stridsberg

29 Mai 2011 , Rédigé par leblogducorps.over-blog.com

In 1953, Valerie gave birth to a son, David and wisely put him up for adoption. Lucky kid. Details of her life until 1966 are unclear, but it is believed Valerie traveled the country, supporting herself by begging and through prostitution. This experience was documented in a play she penned in 1966 entitled Up Your Ass, about a man-hating prostitute. In 1967 she hung around Andy Warhol’s studio, The Factory until she met him and gave him her script, asking him to produce it on film. He accepted it to review but Andy found it too pornographic and decided it must be a police trap.

Typical for Andy and his poor memory, he lost the script. Ouch.  Solanas demanded he return the script or pay her for it but Andy ignored these demands and instead offered her a role in I, a Man. In Andy’s film, Valerie and another actor argue in a hallway. Solanas dominated the conversation, dialoguing about “squishy asses”, “men’s tits“, and lesbian “instinct”. She exited the scene explaining, “I gotta go beat my meat“.

Valerie wrote SCUM Manifesto in 1968 but no publisher would accept it. Instead she self-published, stood out on street corners and solicited SCUM to passersby.  It is dubious that Valerie used the acronym SCUM for Society for Cutting Up Men, since the phrase doesn’t appear in the text. SCUM references women: “SCUM — dominant, secure, self-confident, nasty, violent, selfish, independent, proud, thrill-seeking, free-wheeling, arrogant females, who consider themselves fit to rule the universe…”
To read SCUM Manifesto click here .
To hear a reading of the SCUM Manifesto click here.
To hear a reading of the SCUM Manifesto Part 2 click here.



La faculte des reves

De Sara Stridsberg
La faculte des reves - Sara Stridsberg
Paru le : 02/03/2011
Editeur : Le livre de poche
Collection : Litterature Doc
ISBN : 2253156612

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Have you heard of the lady called Valerie, she was the one who made her own story into the script. She sold it to filmmaker and that is a real story that tells us all about herself and the matters that she did throughout her life.
nice article.