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Sensuous Object

6 Juin 2011 , Rédigé par leblogducorps.over-blog.com

Call for Abstracts: Workshop on the Sensuous Object (Smell and Touch,
Ambience, Aesthetic, Visual Thinking, Tacit Knowledge, Sound and Seduction)

Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Our own Lucy Lyons and Anette Stenslund are organising a two-day
workshop titled 'The Sensuous Object' here at Medical Museion, September

'The Sensuous Object' is an interdisciplinary, participatory workshop
concerned with ways we actually engage with objects and aimed at
researchers in all disciplines interested in the materiality of actual
artefacts and ways of understanding objects through the senses.

How we experience and understand objects as sensuous objects that have
been realized, produced, consumed through and by our senses, and how
they impact on us and how we impact on them, are just a few of the
expected discussion topics. By inviting participants to choose actual
objects and use them as central to their presentations, the aim is to
challenge established concepts and reveal new possibilities in our
experiencing of and understanding through objects, using sensuous
approaches. It will provide opportunity for presenters to test ideas,
try out new formats of presentation and discussion, and examine their
own research through the sensuous object.

The idea for this workshop began as a way to research objects from
Medical Museion's collections and for the objects themselves to form the
basis of further research. Medical Museion is a university museum at the
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, with an extensive
collection of historical medical objects from the 18th through 20th
centuries and with internationally award-winning exhibitions. Its field
is the history of health and disease in a cultural perspective, with a
focus on the material and iconographic culture of recent biomedicine.
Research at Medical Museion is seen as essential to underpinning
university teaching strategies for collection and conservation of
medical heritage, exhibition making, and other material-based
communication practices.

Speakers are invited to present their understanding of an object in
terms of their methodological approaches and areas of research. Research
areas of confirmed participants include senses of smell and touch,
ambience, aesthetic, visual thinking, tacit knowledge, sound, and seduction.

Confirmed speakers:
Laura Gonzalez (Glasgow School of Art)
Ansa Lonstrup (University of Aarhus)
Anette Stenslund (Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen)
Jan-Eric Olsén (Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen)
Carsten Friberg (Aarhus School of Architecture)

Postdoc Lucy Lyons (lucyly@sund.ku.dk) and PhD student Anette Stenslund
(astenslund@sund.ku.dk), Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, 18
Fredericiagade, Copenhagen (www.museion.ku.dk).

More information:
If you are interested in presenting, please email a 200 word abstract by
July 15, 2011. If you would like to participate but do not wish to
present, please email a paragraph about your area of research by
September 5, 2011.

The Sensuous Object workshop is free and Medical Museion will host lunch
on both days and dinner on September 29. Participants will need to
arrange and pay for their own travel and accommodation.

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