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2 Juin 2011 , Rédigé par leblogducorps.over-blog.com

RVID by Paul Vanouse




Paul Vanouse’s Fingerprints, curated by Jens Hauser, is one of such works that is able to extend the notion of “media” to processes deep inside the body, and yet abstract enough to encompass global transactions, economies, regimes of knowing. Exhibited at the Schering Stiftung, Berlin, three pieces (The Suspect Inversion Center, Relative Velocity Inscription Device, and Latent Figure Protocol) are on show. What Vanouse is able to show is the inherent instability, or perhaps metastability if we want to use concepts from Gilbert Simondon, of these constellations of production of “truth”. What kinds of truths? Truths about race, about culpability, about how DNA samples do not just stick to the body, or that the relation is fragile, sustained, maintained exactly by the techniques supposed to “find” them. This is basic stuff that Science and Technology Studies has given us: apparatuses, techniques and frameworks create, never just discover. The truths found are as much in the apparatus as in the body – and hence, more accurately in the various couplings of technologies, biological bodies, and the mentioned abstract frameworks.




„Paul Vanouse. Fingerprints… Index – Imprint – Trace“
Book Presentation and Live Performance
The Ernst Schering Foundation is pleased to invite you to its premises Unter den Linden on
the occasion of the book presentation of the anthology „Paul Vanouse. Fingerprints…
Index – Imprint – Trace“ on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 7 p.m.
Welcome and Introduction: Heike Catherina Mertens, Director of Arts and Culture, Ernst
Schering Foundation
Artist Talk: Jens Hauser, Curator and Paul Vanouse, Artist
Live performance of the Suspect Inversion Center by Paul Vanouse and Kerry Sheehan
The publication accompanying the exhibition „Fingerprints…“ by
Paul Vanouse is the first volume of the Ernst Schering
Foundation’s Publication Series dedicated to selected exhibitions
and projects at the interface of art and science.


The volume,
edited by the exhibition’s curator Jens Hauser, contains playful
elements, which conceptually mirror Paul Vanouse’s processintensive
biomedia art. In four theoretical essays, criminologist
Simon A. Cole, science historian Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, curator
Jens Hauser and the artist himself reflect upon the criticism of
genomics inherent in the installations of “Fingerprints…” from an
aesthetic, political and techno-philosophical angle.
The book „Paul Vanouse. Fingerprints… Index – Imprint – Trace“ is published with
argobooks and can be purchased for 16,00 € (ISBN: 978-3-942700-17-7).
The biomedia installations of Paul Vanouse challenge the codes and images of
contemporary molecular biology. Employing gel electrophoresis as an artistic medium, he
diverts scientific imaging techniques from their intended uses and uncovers their influence on
knowledge production. How are uncritically accepted catchwords like “genetic fingerprint”
generated? How do such metaphors conceal the technical constructedness of their alleged
naturalness? Today, increasingly questionable social conclusions are derived from
ontologized body fragments, such as genes, so as to reinforce clichés and prejudices.
Following the book presentation, you will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition
„Fingerprints…“ (extended until April 16, 2011).
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you on March 24 and would appreciate it if
you forwarded this invitation to others interested in art and science.

Paul Vanouse
January 28 to April 16, 2011
Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Admission is free.
„Fingerprints…“ is an official transmediale.11 Satellite partner.
For further information about “Fingerprints…” please visit our website.

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