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Actualité de la recherche sur le corps en SHS (ISSN : 2269-8337)

Alternative Bodies Practices

Call for Abstracts

Since 2000, the topic of ‘alternative body practices’ has appeared in European Philosophy of Sport with the rediscovery of Aesthetics, Naturism, Ecology and Holism in a new description of Health, Wellness, Hedonism and Awareness.

Influenced by Jean Marie Guyau, Richard Shusterman, Monte Verita, the anarchist community and hydrotherapy, there has develop a discussion of a hedonistic morality and the

of life.

Against competition and hyper-performance, alternative body practices find a new kind of embodiment in the research of body-mind harmony, the immersion in lived experience, such as in natural elements (body ecology), in awareness techniques (the soma-esthestic of Shusterman) or in somatechnology (cp. M.Mauss, 1934, about “techniques du corps”), as modes of the transformation of self.

The 2014 EAPS might be an occasion to describe and discuss:

  • The revival of the European tradition of naturism, ecology and holism (1850-1930) in contemporary philosophy of sport
  • The influence of Eastern spiritual traditions (such as Yoga, TaÎ Chi, Qi Gong, etc.) in new theories of philosophy and sport, developing a critique of Cartesian dualism and the promotion of an holistic model
  • The birth of a new aesthetic founded on the esthesiological experience of sensation, embodiment and immersion.

Possible Topics:


Naturism, Natural Virtues/Values

Ecology, Holism,

Wellness, Health, Self Health

Spiritual tradition


Alternative Bodies Practices
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